Road in foreground, building in background


The Town of Murphy is responsible for maintaining 14.8 miles of streets within the city limits, and this includes all public sidewalks within the Town's jurisdiction.

  • The Town receives approximately $56,000 annually from the State of North Carolina to help with maintenance needs
  • The state monies are called Powell Bill funds, and are accrued based on a formula that factors in total street mileage and population
  • Additionally, the Town spends approximately $45,000 annually for street lights

Help the Town of Murphy keep our streets and sidewalks clean and safe. Call 828-837-2510, ext. 4 or send email to Town Manager for any of the following below:

  • Sidewalks - Damaged or uneven sidewalks are not pleasant aesthetically and can also be a hazard.
  • Street Sweeping - The Town of Murphy sweeps every town street periodically, but let us know if a particular street needs more attention.
  • Right of Way Maintenance - To request mowing or tree trimming in the city streets’ rights-of-way.
  • Clogged Storm Drains - Help keep town streets free from excess debris and prevent property damage from rainwater runoff.

Report issues with city upkeep such as missed trash pickup, potholes, sidewalk issues, hydrant leaks, street light outages, vandalized street signs, and more.