Water pouring over hands

The Town of Murphy owns and operates a water distribution system which supplies water to customers within the city limits and the surrounding area.

  • The Town serves approximately 4,700 people and operates under permit # NC0120010
  • The Hiwassee River is the source for The Town of Murphy Water Treatment Plant; the plant has a rated treatment capacity of 2.0 million gallons per day (MGD) but on average pumps .750 MGD.
  • The Town's Water Distribution system consists of approximately 66 miles of water lines ranging in size from 2-inch to 16-inch.
  • The distribution system has 5 Pressure Zones; Texana, Casino, Fain Mountain, Poorhouse Mountain, and Murphy Proper/Peachtree.
  • The Texana zone is fed by a Pump Station located on Texana Road and is utilized to fill the Texana Tank (100,000 gallons).
  • The Water Treatment Plant has a 500,000 gallon clearwell, bringing the Town's total main storage to 2.13 million gallons of available potable water. Nathan Crubaugh is the Town's Water Treatment Plant Supervisor. Mr. Crubaugh holds the highest State Certifications for North Carolina in Surface Treatment and Distribution which is A-surface and A- distribution.

The Casino Pump Station is located east of Town near the entrance to the recently constructed casino development. This pump station is utilized to fill the casino water storage tank, which is owned by the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians (EBCI). The Town owns and operates the pump station and water line up to the casino property, and the EBCI owns and maintains the water storage tank and all water lines within the casino development property.

The Fain Mountain Zone is fed by a booster pump station located at the Texana tank and pumps up the mountain to two 1000 gallon tanks. The Poorhouse Mountain zone is fed by a booster pumps station on Poor house Mountain road up to the Poor House Mountain Tank (30,000 gallons) .

The Murphy/Peachtree Zone is pumped to by the High Service pumps at the Water Treatment Plant and the zone is created by three 500,000 gallon tanks. The Tanks include Pleasant Valley Tank, The Posey Mountain Tank, and Peachtree Tank.