Department News

Firefighters on parade float

December 2021. Murphy Fire Departments creates a 20 year anniversary float of September 11, 2001 as a tribute to FDNY, all who sacrificed, their families and our Nations Armed Forces. This float was constructed of simulated concrete, steel, dust, simulated smoke and a battered US Flag to mimic the World Trade Center attack & collapse. This float was in the Murphy and Hayesville Christmas Parade. The cheers, tears, and comments we received from many who observed this tribute will always be a reminder of the importance of our nations first responders, the military and their families who sacrifice daily.

Pictured are:
Murphy Firefighter Charlie Spence representing the US Army
Murphy Firefighter Jimmy Nix representing the US Air Force
TJ Majors representing the US Marine Corp
Timmy Williams representing the US Navy
Caleb Pope representing the US Coast Guard

Murphy Firefighters Trey Carson & Jerran Johnson
Grape Creek Firefighter Alan Andrews playing the bagpipes