Neighborhood Watch


Message from the Chief of Police
First allow me the time to thank you for showing interest in the Neighborhood Watch Program in Murphy. Neighborhood Watch shows concerned residents how to look out for each other’s safety, and help law enforcement officers protect people and their homes against criminals.

Working together, neighbors can learn how to protect each others property, while increasing personal safety and reducing the risk of being victimized.

We cannot fight crimes that are not reported! When citizens are alert and report incidences we can be more effective against crimes. Our goal is to provide the highest level of police protection and make our town a more safer place to live and work. Below are a few helpful tips that may be of service to you and your family.

Please remember do not hesitate to contact me, if I or the agency can be of any assistance to you and your family.


Justin J. Jacobs


As a member of NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH, call the police about all suspicious activity in your neighborhood. You and your fellow members should report any unusual situations, such as:

  • A stranger entering a neighbor’s home or apartment that appears to be unoccupied
  • Anyone looking into parked vehicles, or removing parts, gasoline, or license plates
  • Anyone entering or leaving a place of business after hours, or loitering outside
  • Breaking glass, gunshots, screams or abnormally barking dogs
  • Anyone going door-to-door who tries to open a door, or goes into a backyard
  • Anyone carrying unwrapped property at any unusual time, or running while carrying the property
  • Any vehicle cruising slowly back and forth in your neighborhood
  • Any abandoned vehicles in your neighborhood
  • Windows or doors that are broken or opened at unusual hours
  • Anyone sitting in a parked vehicle especially at an unusual hour