Town of Murphy Unveils Revamped Government Website for Enhanced Accessibility and Connectivity

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Murphy, NC - September 1, 2023 - The Town of Murphy is excited to announce the launch of its newly redesigned government website, designed to create a seamless and user-friendly experience for residents, businesses, and visitors. The revamped website aims to provide a comprehensive digital platform that improves communication, accessibility, and engagement with the town's resources and services.

A New Digital Hub for Town Interaction:

The newly launched website, available at, is set to greatly enhance how individuals interact with the town's administration, departments, elected officials, and essential resources. With a smooth and user-friendly design, users will find navigating through town-related information more efficient and effortless.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1.  Emergency Notifications and Alerts: The website introduces a subscription feature for email and text notifications, allowing users to stay informed about emergencies, road closures, special events, and upcoming town council meetings.
  2.  Direct Engagement: The website fosters direct connections with elected officials and town administration, promoting open dialogue and transparent communication between the community and its leaders.
  3.  Easy Access to Documents and Forms: Access to town documents, permits, applications, and essential forms has been simplified, making it more convenient for businesses, residents, and visitors to access the information they need.
  4.  Community Resources: The website serves as a hub for connecting individuals with valuable community assets, providing a resourceful platform for businesses, residents, and visitors to discover opportunities, events, and amenities within the town.
  5.  Enhanced User Experience: The new website's user-friendly interface ensures an optimal experience across various devices, offering a seamless navigation journey for all users.

Inviting All to Explore and Engage:

The Town of Murphy invites all community members, businesses, and visitors to explore the newly launched website at With its modern design and user-focused features, the website promises to simplify and enrich interactions with the Town of Murphy.